Image of DMH looking through a twisted metal public sculpture on Michigan Ave in Chicago.
photos: J. Hershey

I’ve made a lot of different things in my life, but I always seem to come back to sculpture, and its sub-disciplines of drawing and graphics. My work is many faceted, but it all in some way deals with beauty & truth, balance, craftsmanship, and my love of the special hand-made object.

I always look for what I call asymmetrical symmetry in my creations. I’m also interested in the contrast between the control of learned craftsmanship, and the surrender to the gestural act of creativity - the mind versus the heart as captain of the trained hand and eye.

My subject matter varies, but always seems to return to animals, faces, and symbols. Very basic stuff, but certainly deep enough for a lifetime of exploration.

I am influenced by everything I see and experience- from Contemporary to Modern to Classical. But I have a special affinity for the work of the so called primitives: the Pacific Islanders, the pre-Colombian Mexicans, the American Indians, and the Inuits of Canada.


Image of DMH's face photoshopped onto a black walking Polar bear sculpture. Image by Jon Hershey.